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If you are interested in supporting the Jean M. Thomsen Memorial Library, there are lots of ways to help!

Year Round Support

Print from home or ask for a copy of our 2021 Donation Form

Spruce up our Classics collection by checking out our Amazon Classics Wishlist


Summer Library Program 2021 – Tails and Tales

We’ve got big plans for this summer and would greatly appreciate any assistance you could provide with gathering materials! Many of the things we need can be purchased locally or can be found on one of our online wishlists, provided below.

Amazon Materials List – Send us an item directly from our Amazon wishlist.

Dick Blick Materials List – Save a little off of Amazon’s prices by helping us receive items from this craft retailer.

Support us and local businesses! The Dollar Tree and Northland Outlet are great places to look. The following items can be purchased and dropped off at the library:


  • Acrylic Beads (asstd. colors)
  • Acrylic Paint (small tubes)
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Blunt, Large-Eyed Needles
  • Clear Elmer’s Glue
  • Craft Jewels
  • Craft Wire
  • Distilled Water (3 gallons)
  • Dowels (any size)
  • Felt (8×12 in. asstd. colors)
  • Foam Balls (1-2 in. diameter)
  • Foam Brushes (asstd. sizes)
  • Glitter
  • Gloves (non-latex)
  • Clear Coat Spray Paint
  • Jars (1/2 pint with lids)
  • Bristle Paint Brushes
  • Paper Plates (white)
  • Pipe Cleaners (asstd. colors)
  • Plywood (2 ft. sq. – 3 needed)


  • Pompoms (asstd. colors/sizes)
  • Pony Beads (asstd. colors/sizes)
  • Potting Soil
  • Seed Packets (asstd. flowers)
  • Spray Bottles (travel size)
  • Small Terracotta Pots
  • Toothpicks
  • Vegetables
  • Watercolor/Mixed Media Paper
  • Yarn (asstd. colors/weights)

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